Four Special Exhibition Sections

Covering the Whole Chain of Advanced Ceramics Industry

1. Advanced ceramic raw materials section:

Oxide--aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, indium oxide, etc.

Carbide--Silicon carbide, zirconium carbide, titanium carbide, boron carbide, chromium carbide, etc.

Nitride--aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, boron nitride, etc.

Boride--non crystal, crystal, titanium boride, silicon boride, and other additives

2. Advanced ceramic equipment section:

Preparation--Grinding, Mixing, etc.

Molding--mould, pressing machine, etc.

Drying machine--roller, chamber, spray, microwave, etc.

Thermal technology--burner, furnaces, etc.

Measurement control--valve, sensor, etc.

Experimental equipment--calorimeter, analyzer, dilatometer, tester, microscope, etc.

3. Advanced ceramic parts/products section:

structural ceramic, electrical ceramic, high Temperature ceramic, ceramic bearings, ceramic cutting tools, optical ceramics, ceramic membranes, ceramic catalyst carriers, biomedical ceramic, ceramic matrix composites, intraocular lens, refractory materials, etc.

4. 3D printing section:

3D printing equipment--industrial 3D printer, desktop 3D printer, and other 3D printing manufacturing equipment

3D printing materials--photosensitive resin composite material, polymer powder material, ceramic powder material, metal powder material, plastic powder material, paraffin powder material, coated sand powder material, etc.


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